The World/Inferno Friendship Society - Red-Eyed Soul

The World/Inferno Friendship Society give you your damn soul back. It's been up all night, thinks everything is hysterical, and keeps humming tunes about Halloween and heroes, love lost and found, and the chivalry of crime. It sweats like whiskey and cries real red wine. It's chiding your friends for being so sad, mumbling, "You bouncers don't scare me one bit," and yelling "I joined a punk-rock band to break stuff, not to sit around lawyers' offices!" at inappropriate moments. 15 new songs by NYC's original international Punk-Rock Orchestra of elegant and angry Gentlemen and Ladies produced by Hardcore legend Don Fury and released by New Jersey Pioneer Punk-Rock label Chunksaah! The piano croons, the guitars shout, the drummers threaten, saxophones rip you from where you are tied to the mast, the accordion just stole your wallet, the string section is whispering in your ear, "Don't be a jerk," and boys and girls are singing in harmony "Only anarchists are . . . pretty!" Life is a cabaret, the circus is leaving town, don't forget the struggle, don't forget the streets.

Jack Terricloth, BK, NY

Music with soul? EMOTION??? A frontrunner for best album of 2006 by default, for it is the only album to possess such traits to be released this year.If you are sick of music being produced by fucking robots and lifeless drones like I am , this album will be amazing, and kick an unbelievable amount of ass. A revolution has begun. No longer does the world have to suffer from music lacking soul, lacking intelligence. Tattoos fade; soon the universe will be ridden of such music, if those of you would stop stocking up on Reel Big Fish and Five Iron Frenzy like it's the third World War (no pun intended). The W/IFS give you your damn soul back. It would be rude not to accept such a gift.

It's great to be here.


Saves the Day - In Reverie

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Here for your comparing pleasure. Much more melodious, and the only album in which Connely sings! (besides the acoustic, of course). Much softer, way different. The "raw"ness leaves them on this album. Favorites of mine: "In Reverie", "I'm Never In My Waking Life", and "Where are You?"

Perhaps we should make a forum to hash out differences in opinion on these, and other albums posted on Plan B. Comments get a bit tedious. What do you think?


Reel Big Fish- Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album

Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album is a 3-disc live album by ska-punk band Reel Big Fish. It also comes with a DVD of a March 2006 live show & includes documentary footage on the band. The DVD portion was directed by Jonathan London, who previously directed the music video for their song Don't Start A Band.

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Below is the Yousendit link to both parts. This RAR is in complete order and has no dead air. Special thanks to locust7175 for this:

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Saves the Day - Through Being Cool

Well, hello.

I'm a new contributor, in case you were too lost in free-music-greed to notice who posted this, and I've come to Plan B to do my part in giving back to the free music scene. I've discovered some beautiful things posted by others, and I'd like to share that joy with you! So I'll be here adding some diversity to Plan B music :) (and some more posts, cough). :)

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This is the punky, in-your-face, yet not annoying, one of my two favorite STD (lol STD, yeah get over it) albums (the other one being In Reverie... which is so different from this in its soft melodies it could have been written by another band). It's fun, especially if you detest someone named Nick... You'll just have to listen to the CD to find out why! O:) My favorite tracks are: "All-Star Me", "Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots", and of course, "Through Being Cool." It's got that typical F U punk sound, and if you like old Green Day and NFG, you just might like this. If you've only heard In Reverie, you're in for a surprise. If you've only heard Sound the Alarm, do yourself a favor and rid yourself of that right now. And then listen to this one, please. :)

The Moon and Antarctica is the third full-length album by American alternative rock band Modest Mouse, first released by Epic Records on June 13, 2000.
This album focuses on themes of death, God, and finding one's personal identity in an overcommercialized society. It was praised by critics and fans alike for its in-depth discussion of such dense subject matter, as well as frontman Isaac Brock's clever and introspective lyrics. The Moon and Antarctica was also hailed for being an expansion of the band's unique sound. This was due both to the band's new major label tools as well as the production of Brian Deck.

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Head Automatica- Decadence

Head Automatica's first release, Decadence (also known as Tokyo Decadence) was much better and funkier than Popaganda. Even with some ska elements, songs like Mu and Solid Gold Telephone really show this band's talent...and how most of it was wasted on MTV. Grab this one.

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Five Iron Frenzy- Upbeats and Beatdowns

Five Iron Frenzy's first offering from 1996 contains many of the bands best known hits, as well as the classic Third World Think Tank. Upbeats and Beatdowns is their best album classified as ska, for the band later moved towards rock in 2000. The production is generally good, but lacks at times. Especially in Where Zero Meets 15, where Reese's voice can barely be heard. However, this is a great ska record from the 90's.

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Hot Hot Heat- Acoustic Sessions

Hot Hot Heat, an energetic synth-rock band hailing from Canada, can suprisingly put out some good acoustic tracks. This file is comprised of the band's six biggest hits from Make Up the Breakdown and Elavator, performed live.

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