At the Drive-In- In/Casino/Out

Posted by request.

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The W's- Fourth From the Last

Christain ska/swing greats The W's take a lot of influence Five Iron Frenzy, another band on Five Minute Walk records. While The W's are a lot more swing, the ska up-beat is also there, and many of the songs are catchy and fun. There's also a particularly funny bonus track at the end of the last song, Hui.

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We exceeded our daily bandwidth limit yet again. No, this isn't another cry for help in an attempt to get all you guys to click our ad. We know that all of our truly generous fans are doing that anyway. Actually, this is more of an announcement.

Plan B Music will no longer be hosting our music on www.takeplan-b.com. Yes, everything already hosted on their server will stay there, and hopefully forever, but all of our new posts will now be hosted on Rapidshare. Our music hosted on Plan B should all be back up at midnight tommorow, so be ready for that. Haha, hopefully you guys wont download too much of our old crap.

And for all of skim readers: Plan B Music will now host all of our music on Rapidshare. Our older posts will not be deleted, however.


At the Drive-In- El Gran Orgo [EP]

High School Football Heroes- Close Only Counts In Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Since their conception in late 2001, High School Football Heroes have quickly matured into one of the most promising bands in an ever-growing underground music community. For over 2 years, hundreds of fans have attended local gigs, creating an enormous buzz around the innovative Ska/Rock/Indie ensemble.

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RX Bandits - ...And The Battle Begun

This is the newest album by California based RX Bandits. The album is due out in stores on October 10. Classification of this album is difficult. It's equal parts ska, punk, metal, dub, reggae, and God knows what else. But, Matt and the gang pull it off. Soon, you'll realize what a masterpiece it is musically, and lyrically the brilliance of it.

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This track is not included in the .rar, so be sure to get it.
10. Epoxi Lips

The Tracklist, by request: Here.


The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

Hardly a song on Yoshimi isn't resonated, echoed, and reverberated--floating the listener higher until they have the ultimate bird's-eye view of what makes a great band tick. As with any album by the band, it's hard not to imagine parades and a sky filled with helium balloons while you listen to any of it--in this case, the party is enhanced brilliantly by digital filters and silver shimmering asides.
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The Mountain Goats - Tallahassee

John Darnielle's songs have always dwelled on one or a combination of five subjects, relationship conflicts, flood, water, pre-Colombian Mexico mythology and talking animals. This record conjures paranoid visions of a couple permanently on the cusp of divorce who have remained drunk for so long, they're not sure of much else beyond the mutually destructive urge that holds their house together.

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Job For A Cowboy- Doom [EP]

I figured this blog could use some hardcore love, so here's one of the best one's I've heard. Frontman "Fez" has an amazing voice that varies from a low groul to a high screech that compliments the band's moshable guitars. This band is proof that through some cool looking graphics and tons of Myspace advertising, you can get very popular.

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Head Automatica- Propaganda

Head Automatica's sophmore album is finally here, and many would believe that it was worth waiting for. The opening Graduation Day was released just in time for school to get out, and it's a memorable energetic riff-heavy song that'll catch your ear. The CD then flows directly into Laughing At You, yet another ear-catching song about a local band that no one supposedly likes. This is a great CD for the Summer, and one that you could play any time.

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PBM Mix Tape #1

So today I felt sorry for all you guys, considering we haven't been able to post lately due to bandwidth issues, and you haven't even been able to download. So you know what I did? I made you a totally awesome mix-tape! Rapidshare'd just for you guys, this two-disc orgasm for your ears contains everything from hip-hop to ska to indie. It is compiled of a few songs featured on CD's already posted here, but mainly other stuff you haven't seen yet. I wont give you the tracklist yet, because that would ruin the DRAMA! Just download, Unzip, and enjoy.

Edit: For best results, put this on shuffle. I forgot to mix it around for maximum listening pleasure.

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