[REQ]Buck-O-Nine - Twenty-Eight Teeth

After the underground success of Life in the Key of Bree, Buck-O-Nine made the leap to the majors and issued this record, co-produced by David Kershenbaum, who'd worked with Joe Jackson--hence, perhaps, the cover of Jackson's "I'm the Man," which perfectly suited the band's ska-punk style. But it was only one of a number of great songs here (the rest originals), with the title track and "Jennifer's Cold," in particular, standing out from the pack. Fast and hard, or slower and groovy, this record showed that Buck-O-Nine were fast masturing into real contenders.

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Anonymous th said...

Great, thank you

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome pick it up guyz

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Blogger Earthman Xosha Rosp said...

Thanks guys... This one's awesome.

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Anonymous solace said...

awesome selection of albums lately m8

have a request for you gents, the strokes - is this it. i know i may be crazy for not having this but i've only heard room on fire! tia

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Blogger ert90 said...

More ska=the best blog on the interweb

Great job with the past few additions and keep it up!

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