The Wrens - The Meadowlands

The Wrens are an indie rock band that formed in the late 1980s in New Jersey. The band was plagued with label problems through the 1990s, leaving them unable to release an album for many years after Secaucus in 1996. The band's third offering, The Meadowlands, finally surfaced in late 2003 to enormous critical acclaim; it topped critics polls over the following two years. The band's incendiary live shows did much to propel their fortunes and built up a fanatical live following.

Added: Sorry about that, the link should be working now. Enjoy.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm getting blue balls from the description and inability to download the album, take your time cause I'm sure it is worth the wait.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to this. I'd never heard of them, but now having read around I can't wait to listen. Keep up the good work!

6:15 AM  

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