Band of Horses-Everything All the Time

For a first record, this is no small feat. Band of Horses show maturity and brilliance at their first go in Everything All the Time. They are produced almost dreamily and the guitars echo as frontman Ben Bridwell's high pitched voice sings of life, death, and everything in between. The obvious gem in this cd is The Funeral. It opens with a soft ballad, "Coming up only to hold you under." and quickly explodes. Also included in this download is a live version of what some people call this band's best song. Enjoy.

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Reel Big Fish- The Show Must Go Off!

Live and at the House of Blues, legendary Reel Big Fish put on their game faces and rock out for a full two hours in front of thousands of fans on this audio rip from their DVD. Filmed in 2003, this rip has over 20 amazingly performed tracks spanning from the early days of Turn the Radio Off all the way to their 2003 realease Cheer Up!. Again, this is an audio rip from the DVD, so there may be some noticeable dead air in some spots, and extra long tracks. However, is sounds great, as it was professionally recorded. Enjoy this rare rip that you can probably only get here!

Gravity DIP Sampler- Past Present Future

This is a sampler from the Gravity DIP music label, including 25 tracks spanning tons of different genres. As Wolf puts it, it's superb. Of course, special thanks to Wolf for this.

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[REQ] Rx Bandits - The Resignation

“The Resignation” is a step further than “Progress” in complexity. The second guitarist that they added definitely shows through immediately with the opening song, “Sell You Beautiful”. The song opens with very catchy poppy guitar riffs and hooks before it goes into standard complex Rx Bandits. It is in this song that the new guitar really shines through, and it takes the RxB to a whole new level. However, the true highlight of the album is the last track “Decrescendo.” This song is quite possibly one of the most innovative songs that the RxB have done. It lacks all forms of transitions, is genre bending, and all around absolutely phenomenal. “The Resignation” is worth getting for this song. Throw in one of the finest climaxes that the Bandits have ever done full of harmonies and the trademark Rx Bandits background screaming, and the song is pure gold. The Bandits have evolved since their last release. They seem to have drifted away from their ska/punk roots, but thats not a bad thing. Make sure to check this CD out.

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A.C. Newman - The Slow Wonder

This is the solo debut by the The New Pornographers leader. Newman is a classic, if eccentric, songwriter, part of a lineage that includes Ray Davies, Harry Nilsson, Colin Blunstone, Dave Edmunds, Andy Partridge, Ben Folds, and Britt Daniel. The results are predictably stunning--a smart singer-songwriter pop record with a beautifully open and uplifting feel combined with lyrics that subvert and twist the sunny vibe. "The Slow Wonder" runs the gamut from ballads to frisky guitar numbers to Graham Parkeresque late '70s production quirks. If you're a fan of The New Pornographers, make sure to grab this one.

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[REQ]Catch 22 - Alone in a Crowd

Alone in a Crowd was the first full-length Catch 22 release featuring the band's second lineup. The album features a song trilogy, "What Goes Around Comes Around," "Bloomfield Avenue," and "Neverending Story" which follows two young lovers who commit multiple acts of homicide on a cross-country spree before finally succumbing to their own personal demons. Other themes on the album include a longing for childhood and home and a general feeling of alienation from the rest of the world, hence the album title. Alone is arguably just as good as, if not more lyrically and thematically complex than Keasbey.

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The Wrens - The Meadowlands

The Wrens are an indie rock band that formed in the late 1980s in New Jersey. The band was plagued with label problems through the 1990s, leaving them unable to release an album for many years after Secaucus in 1996. The band's third offering, The Meadowlands, finally surfaced in late 2003 to enormous critical acclaim; it topped critics polls over the following two years. The band's incendiary live shows did much to propel their fortunes and built up a fanatical live following.

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The Suicide Machines- Destruction By Definition

The Suicide Machines are a punk (and in some cases ska) four-piece band that will kick your ass in the thirty minutes encased on this record. Their punk/ska influences are very apparent in songs like the opening New Girl, an upbeat and distorted sing along and No Face. Both songs are very punky with some mixed in third-wave ska, yet both songs have no horns. Then, Hey (as covered by Streetlight Manifesto at many shows) comes on. Hey has both powerful horns and great guitar riffs, and probably inspired Tomas Kalnoky a big deal. This whole CD is good fun, and a great download for anyone that is a fan of the genres.

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Streetlight Manifesto- Everything Goes Numb

Ex-"Keasbey Era" Catch 22 members Josh Ansley (bass), Jamie Egan (trombone) and Tomas Kalnoky (guitar, vocals & songwriting) are paired with the jazz and ska influenced playing of saxophonists Dan Ross and Jim Conti. Filling the percussive spots in the roster are Paul Lowndes (drum kit) and the last-minute addition of Shane Thompson (various percussion). Each member is as comfortable with his respective instrument as possible and it shows.Combining countless influences, but focusing on ska, punk and reggae, the Streetlight boys command a sound all their own. Everything from Eastern European gypsy keys to tribal rhythms make it into the average Streetlight Manifesto song and it's because of this diversity that they stand on their own. Throw into the mix an uncompromising D.I.Y. ethic, a deliberate and unmistakable visual style and enough energy to destroy small countries, and you've got just a fraction of the whole of Streetlight Manifesto. Hopefully the world will appreciate the sounds of this new-but-weary group as much as band enjoy making them. Don't miss this one.

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