Rx Bandits - Progress

This band is doing what so many ska bands have so despirately needed to do, evolve. The music on this album is still ska/reggae laden, but there is a pop edge to some songs, a hardcore twist here and there, and some intellegent musical ideas conveyed.

Don't mistake this album at first glance as your garden variety ska fusion album, it's intellegent music that pulls on many different genres to make something new. Some of the songs stick to only one sound, while others jump around the board. The key to this album is fluidity.

There are a number of standout tracks on this album. "Analog Boy" is really the sweetest track. It's guaranteed to pull you in for the long haul. This album is a long one, but rather than boring you with 15 songs out of the cookie cutter, you are given 15 songs that sound like a well thoughtout mix album. The flow is there throughout the album despite the sound changes. This band actually put some thought into the order of their tracks.


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