Five Iron Frenzy- All the Hype That Money Can Buy

Legendary Five Iron Frenzy definately brings the ska to the table with this release, All The Hype that Money can By. This mostly positive record really brings out the best in lead singer Reese's lyrics and vocals. Both the experimental Giants and the ballad World Without End are so different, yet so...great! Heh, FIF fandom reigns supreme. If you get any FIF CD, get this one.


Anonymous thb said...

I think personally, I prefer Roper to FIF. The Hello Lamewads album is really good IMO.

However, from what ive heard, this is still a good, happy album. I need to give it a bit more of a listen though.

6:01 AM  
Blogger Shim said...

Ah hey man!

7:39 PM  
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