Of Montreal - The Sunlandic Twins

Hailing from Athens, Of Montreal have carved their own niche in the indie-pop world, establishing themselves as a uniquely twisted band that thrills fans with compelling live performances, delights critics with their constant innovations and refinements, and continually showcases their musical evolution that culls together influences as varied as Brian Eno, Television, Prince, and The Shins. "The Sunlandic Twins" is their most cohesive and adventurous record to date. It plays out like an electro pop opera. Beginning buoyant and opalescent, traversing a labyrinthine Neptune, and climaxing in blackout darkness one only discovers in warm solitude.

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Arrogant Sons of Bitches - Three Cheers For Dissapointment

Over four years in the making, this is the final release from Long Island's ska/punk heavyweights The Arrogant Sons of Bitches. Includes "Dissapointment At The Taco Bell" featuring guest vocals from Dave McWane of Big D and the Kids Table.

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[ADVANCE] Streetlight Manifesto- Keasbey Nights

A re-recording of the definitive ska album of the 90's seems natural for Streetlight Manifesto. The band was approached to re-release the album with new cover art, but Tomas Kalnoky, being the perfectionist that he is, decided to completely redo the album. Few musical changes can be found such as a new verse on Day In Day Out and the new intro for Riding the Fourth Wave. The horns are also varied from this to the original, so this should be a treat for any early Catch 22 fan. "Whatever you want to call it, it'll piss people off. And that, at the end of the day is all that really matters."


Weezer- Pinkerton

Coming strong out of the huge success of The Blue Album, Weezer had a lot to step up to with their sophmore album, Pinkerton. And suprisingly, it sounds much different from the Weezer the early 90's had come to love. Beginning with the personal ballad Tired of Sex and moving on to the playful El Scorcho, this shows that a band can both change their sound and pull of a great cd at the same time. This is possibly Weezer's last great album.


Panic! At the Disco- A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

When the likes of Myspace and Purevolume discovered and catapulted Panic! At the Disco into almost instant super stardom, the band quickly recorded a full length record and released it in stores everywhere, much to the liking of "punks" and "emos" alike everywhere. There's a reason why these guys somehow became famous too: They've got the lyrics and musical style of the ever-popular Fall Out Boy along with the synth and "indie-ness" of bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Bloc Party. What results is nothing extraordinary, but it's a good first attempt and one that shouldn't be quickly forgotten.


Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit

Written almost entirely by frontman Stuart Murdoch, Belle And Sebastian's sixth album is a magnificently assured and diverse pop record. With nods to such influences as Cornelius, Manfred Mann, and David Bowie, "The Life Pursuit" mingles the folky, be-sweatered pathos of the group's earliest work with joyfully satirical late 60's sunshine pop, and the sophisticated 80's-influenced work reminiscent of their prior album, 2003's "Dear Catastrophe Waitress".

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Beatles- Revolver

The Beatles were a insanely popular British rock group from Liverpool, England. Charting more than 50 top 40 singles and shattering many sales records, these guys were very influential for their time. The use of orchestrations in Eleanor Rigby and the Eastern Indian inspired Love You To helped to differentiate this cd from the rest. This is a great listen.


Elliott Smith- XO

His songs range from anticipating getting high to love songs to girls in trouble, and his catchy guitar riffs and upbeat drums meld with his to voice to create XO...an exceptional record. Elliot is a smart song writer. Never letting a song run too long or get too boring, this should be a treat for, say, a Modest Mouse fan who finds himself skipping the slow songs. The first track, Sweet Adeline, starts out slow and quickly explodes about a minute in, and Baby Britain is an upbeat piano/short-riff guitar heaven. In my eyes, XO is nothing short of a masterpiece.