Beastie Boys- Solid Gold Hits

The Beastie Boys have been around for a while, and it's needless to say that they still own pretty hard. From So Watcha Want to Ch-Check It Out, these three Jewish hopsters have come out with hit after hit, and the biggest ones are all here. This 15 track "Solid Gold Hits" is worth it just for all of the videos that come with it. But since I'm just posting the MP3s, you'll have to buy it yourself later, you cheap bastards.


Blogger Fraud and Robbery said...

Fifteen songs of the Beastie Boys talking about themselves and girls. Is there any substance to any of their lyrics? Performing at a Tibetan Freedom Concert is one thing, actually rapping about jailed Lhasan monks is another. Music great. Lyrics poor. Glenn

12:32 PM  

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