Atmosphere - You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having

Atmosphere's fifth album (not including rapper Slug's numerous side projects) isn't quite as consistent as previous CDs like 2003's Seven's Travels or Lucy Ford, but it's hardly lagging far behind. For all the attention Slug gets as a rapper--deservedly so, given that he, along with Aesop Rock, is a smarter, less pissy Eminem--producer ANT is as vital to this pairing as anyone, lacing the album with everything from the hard knock beats of "The Arrival" to the gospel-influenced charm of "Get Fly," to the old-school drum assault on "Bam." Slug covers ground that he's already been renowned for, a balance of in-your-face braggadocio ("Watch Out"), tunneling introspection ("Little Man"), and a typically reliable ditty about his female problems ("Pour Me Another").

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Download isn't working. Could you maybe upload it again or just send me "pour me another" at mymojo1000@hotmail.com.
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Thanks ahead of time man.

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